Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Final Countdown

The show is coming up soon! It is hard to believe its just about time for another Chipapalooza. It seems like just yesterday we were listening to Jimmies Chicken Shack rock just as hard as they did in the 90's...Or jammin' to the reggae beats of the ever amazing Lionize. Its not 4/20 anymore, but I would hope Lionize was out "celebrating" somewhere and sharing their music.

Speaking of going green, if you don't know yet, this year Chipapalooza is raising money for The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. As well as raising awareness for other green friendly businesses & associations.

Make sure you stop by Chipapalooza.com or follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/chipapalooza (because we are cool and love social media...and love you)

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